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liquorice (licorice) root sticks in cups to make a liquorice (licorice) tea with erling.yoga

Liquorice Root Tea

Liquorice Root tea has become a very popular drink. It has a list of beneficial properties as long as your arm! or even your army!! Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory to name a couple.
Prep Time 1 min
Cook Time 2 mins
Course Drinks
Cuisine World
Servings 2 people
Calories 1 kcal


  • Kettle or sauce pan


  • 1 stick liquorice root stick
  • 2 cups boiling water


Top tips

  • You don't have to peel off the bark however we like to. It tastes just as good hot or coldLike all powerful natural remedies Liquorice and it's extracts need to be treated with respect and are safe when used in mindful quantities, e.g up to 1 teacup a day 
  • Prepare the liquorice root stick
  • Take one Liquorice root and shave off the bark; (you don't have to, but the bark can add a slightly bitter taste). This can be quite a messy process, therefore it's nice to do outside if you can, while you have a few deep breaths of fresh air. 
  • Cutting the liquorice root
  • Use garden secateurs or strong kitchen scissors to split and chop the root in 2-4 cm lengths. You can split them lengthways first by tapping the blade of a knife (like an axe splits wood) until they split. 
  • Boil water and simmer the Liquorice Root tea
  • Pop half the root, plus any powder or little bits into a pan with 450ml of water. Simmer gently for approximately 6 minutes. A clue to it being ready is the sweet aroma filling your nostrils. 
  • Serve 
  • You may want to strain the brew before you serve it. No need to add anything to this sweet and vitalising drink. Liquorice tea is also great cold. Leave to cool and serve on a hot day with ice. 


Just a reminder that you can overdo liquorice consumption. One of the many active compounds in Liquorice is glycyrrhizin which if consumed in large amounts over a consistent time period affects potassium levels and could result in serious illness. So the advice is to have a varied diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables every day and a sprinkling of liquorice along the way!
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